Welcome To The Cove Guest Home

The Cove is committed to providing a home for our residents which offers excellence in health care, comfort, caring, supervision living and love.

Each of these elements are tied together with a belief that each resident is a special person in their own right, worthy of our respect, courtesy and the primary purpose of our being here.


Cove Guest Home provides these supervised services to the residents at Cove Guest Home:


  • Dietary

  • Activities

  • Nursing

  • In-House Salon

  • Laundry & Housekeeping

  • Medical

  • And many more...

  •

Thank You!!

            2021 Cove Yearly Awards/Retirement Ceremony - Nov. 18, 2021
Retiree:​                    - Sandra Varrance (LPN) - Retiree/25 yrs       - Janet MacInnis (Dty)
                                - Lindsay Hood (Dty) - Retiree/25yrs               - Juanita Blagdon (Ldry) - Retireee/25yrs
                                - Marilyn Crane (Ldry) - Retiree/40yrs             - Pauline Rahey (CCA)

25 Years of Service: 
- Sandra Aucoin (LPN)                                   - Sharon MacNeil (LPN)
                                 - Lorie MacLellan (Nurs)                                 - Jeanette Hashem (LPN)
                                 - Linda MacLeod (Nurs)                                  - Kenny Fraser (Nurs)
                                 - Diane Dawe (LPN)                                        - Paul Hogan (Mtc)

30 Years of Service: - Donna MacNeil (LPN)                                   - Debbie Nicholson (LPN)
                                 - Doreen White (RN)                                        - Debbie MacIsaac (LPN)

35 Years of Service: - Carolyn O'Neil (Hskp)                                    - Laurel Green (LPN)
                                 - Julie Laehy (LPN)

40 Years of Service: - Joanne Ayre (Lndy)
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Hi I'm Marjorie and I am fully vaccinated!!
Meet the "Shine Boyz" - Blair and Clarence - our expert floor polishers at the Cove Guest Home.