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Cove Guest Home Services



The dietary department is responsible for providing all meals and between meal nourishment. A part time registered dietitian is on staff to ensure that all nutritional requirements are met. And our meals taste good too!


Activities are designed to stimulate the resident's social, psychological, and physical capabilities. This department coordinates recreational and community events. Everyone is encouraged to participate.


Nursing Visits

These services are provided by a qualified staff of registered nurses, licence practical nurses and provincially certified personal care workers.

The Nursing staff are now providing a new way for residents to talk with loved ones from around the world. 

We have included SKYPE  in our communication options.


A physiotherapist is provided on a part-time basis to assist the staff in administering the program.


The Board has established a Chaplain's position for the Cove. The role of the Chaplain is to promote a ministry presence to all concerned Residents, their families and the staff.


Salon Services

This service is available Tuesday through Friday 9:00 am until 4:00 pm. The salon is off of the reception area on the main floor.

Laundry & Housekeeping

The Cove provides full service for both areas. Fabrics should be designed for commercial laundry and clothing should be relatively care free and comfortable. Clothes that are dry clean only are not recommended..

Pastoral Care

With a rotation to serve all denominations, religious services are offered every Thursday and Friday and on special occasions throughout the year.


We encourage you to engage the Doctor of your choice, in keeping with the Cove's preventative and rehabilitative program.

Resident's Council

The council is elected by the residents and meets on a Monthly basis regarding Cove Policies, residents' concerns and preferences. The Director of Activities acts as recording secretary and is a liaison between the Residents and the administration.

Family Council

The Cove Family Council includes family, friends, and legal representatives of the residents in the Cove.  The Family Council works in partnership with the Resident Council to discuss common interests, to provide support, education and a forum to voice concerns or issues. This is also a group to share experiences, learn and exchange information, problem solve and present concerns to the Resident Advocate who acts as a liaison between the Council and the Cove Management Team. The Family Council meets regularly and is always looking for new members.

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Business Hours:

Hours of operation are Monday to Friday 8:00am to 4:00pm with the exception of holidays.

Everything you need to support you in your efforts to provide 

health care, comfort, caring, supervision living and love.

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