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26th Annual Festival Of Lights 2022

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This year marks the 26th Anniversary of the Cove Guest Home’s Festival of Lights, we are excited to include the 1st Cove Holiday Hero as the Event Sponsor!   This is a special designation for a truly generous donor such as Kollin Weatherbee supporting the residents of the Cove and its family of facilities – Williston House and Rideout House. As you can imagine, the past 30 months have been stressful on the residents and staff, and we have been challenged to ensure no one has suffered from the fear of loneliness brought upon us by the pandemic.

Thank you again to Kollin and his family for supporting this very popular Holiday Event!!

This year's event was a huge success - thanks to the generous donations of our supporters.  Below are the Names of Dedication for the Festival of Lights 2022 - please click on your section and read the wonderful names in Memory of or in Honour of your special person.  

Festival of Lights 2022 Names of Dedication

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