About The Cove Guest Home

About Cove Guest Home



The Board and staff of the Cove are committed to providing a home for our residents which offers excellence in health care, comfort, caring, supervision and love. These elements are tied together with a belief that each resident is a special person in their own right, worthy of our respect, courtesy and the primary purpose of our being here.


The Cove was founded in 1944 by a group of individuals from various Pretestant denominations dedicated to establishing a retirement home for the elderly of industrial Cape Breton. The Cove started out as a small home in a facility acquired from the Sydney Steel Company (Steel Company's official residence). The Cove was originally a retirement home and over the years became a first class nursing home with 110 beds. Special programs were developed to meet the geriatric health, social and spiritual needs of the residents.

In October of 1994, ground was broken for a replacement facility on Alexandra Street in the City of Sydney and opened its doors in February 1996. The Cove today is recognized as one of the leading nursing homes in the province which is still home to 110 residents.



  • Mr. Carl E. Rideout - Chair.

  • Mr. Roy Milley - Vice-Chair.

  • Mr. Reg Bonner.- Treasurer.

  • Mrs. Heather Furey.- Secretary.

  • Mrs. Gwen Shepard (Honouary Member)

  • Mr. Ken Langley.

  • Dr. Rev. Thomas G. Whent.

  • Mr. Robert Munroe (Honourary Member).

  • Mr. Manning MacDonald

  • Dr. Keith Brown

  • Ms. Elizabeth Morris

  • Mr. Simeon Priddle


  • Cheryl Deveaux - CEO / Administrator.                               cheryl@coveguesthome.com           Ext: 222

  • Michelle MacIsaac - Director of Care.                                michelle@coveguesthome.com        Ext: 225

  • Allana Bowles - Resident Clinical Coordinator                   allana@coveguesthome.com            Ext: 244

  • Sandy MacPherson - Director of Finance.                          sandy@coveguesthome.com           Ext: 223

  • Kim MacDonald - Manager of Operations                          kim@coveguesthome.com               Ext: 243

  • Derrick MacNamara - Director of Operations.                    derrick@coveguesthome.com          Ext: 234

  • Jennifer White - Director Therapeutic Services                   jennifer@coveguesthome.com         Ext: 241

  • Shawna McMullen - Quality Assurance Coordinator                 shawna@coveguesthome.com         Ext: 240

  • Niki Kavanaugh - Clinical Dietician.                                           niki@coveguesthome.com               Ext: 230

  • Liam MacCormick - Resident Advocate.                                   liam@coveguesthome.com              Ext: 249

  • Cori Hawley - Admin Support.                                                   cori@coveguesthome.com               Ext: 221

  • Lisa O'Rourke - Finance/Payroll Clerk.                                       lisa@coveguesthome.com               Ext: 252

  • Vicky Murphy - Finance/Payroll Clerk.                                        vicky@coveguesthome.com            Ext: 224

  • Trish Reid - Scheduler.                                                          trish@coveguesthome.com              Ext: 242

  • Dr. Rev. Thomas Whent - Chaplain.                                           thomas@coveguesthome.com          Ext: 251